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50 day old #lebrador and #german shephard puppy require 4% of body weight total feed intake daily.

50 days old #lebrador and #german shephard puppy weight reach near 4kg, so we give 4% of 4 kg=160gm total food in a day.

protein,carbohydrate and vitamins are main ingredients for puppy and adult dog,these ingredients are meet from dals,rice,oat,bajra,carrats,apple,coconut oil, multivitamin & calcium suppliment branded company should be given.

protein = dals or egg white portion = 96gm (60%)

carbohydrate = brown rice,oat,bajra = 32 gm (20%)

vegetables & food = spinach,apple,carrats,boil potato = 32 gm (20%)

essential fatty acid = coconut oil,flaxseed oil = 2ml

multivitamin & calcium 2 ml

these all 5 ingredients are mix and surve 3 times in a deviding dose..

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