what is anemia-

Anemia is not a disease, but rather a condition that is often a symptom of a disease. The term “anemia” refers to a reduced number of red blood cells or hemoglobin (and sometimes both) circulating in your dog’s blood stream.

Red blood cells keep your dog’s body supplied with oxygen. Hemoglobin, which is the protein inside the red blood cells, carries oxygen, and red blood cells are also responsible for removing carbon dioxide from your dog’s body.

symptoms of anemia

causes of anemia in dogs-

  • 1.trauma due to accidental blood loss
  • immune mediated disease
  • internal gastrointestinal bleeding
  • infectious disease such as canine distemper
  • tick borne disease such as ehrlichiosis
  • blood loss due to parasitic infestation like tick,whipworm and hookworm.
  • hypothyroidism
  • cushing disease
  • toxin like rat poison or leasd poison
  • cancer
  • kidney and bonemarrow disease
  • poor nutrition

symptoms of anemia-

The most obvious characteristic of anemia is a change in color to your dog’s gums. Instead of a healthy pink, dogs with anemia often have pale pink or even whitish gums. Anemia also causes fatigue. Your dog may appear listless, and may tire easily during exercise and play.

You might also notice bruising on your dog’s skin. This could be a sign of severe platelet loss or destruction, or even rat poisoning.

Dark, tarry stools, called melena, or dark blood in your dog’s vomit or feces are also important warning signs of anemia and necessitate an immediate visit to your veterinarian

diagnosis of anemia-

on the basis of history and sign of disease,blood test,cbc,pcv test,high wbc indicate leukemia.

treatment of anemia-

  • in severe cases blood transfusion is very necessary.
  • if parasite found on body give antiparasitic drug.
  • if internal bleeding occur then give haemo coagulase drug
  • in accidental case surgery is needed if severe case are seen.

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